Part 01: Imperfections challenge the perception of imperfections as being something negative.


In order to do this I gave myself a set of obstructions which included:

  1. a grid: quilt squares
  2. highlight imperfection: embroidered
  3. one subject matter: concerete
  4. one location: downtown Austin


I chose concrete because it is naturally imperfect. It is impossible to recreate the same mold considering the ingredients and process in pouring. Concrete consists of a mixture of water, aggregate (gravel, rock, or sand) and cement. Depending on the amount of water used to mix the concrete, the appearance and performance is effected. Drier concrete tends to be weaker and rougher in appearance while concrete mixed with more water dries smoother and stronger.

Qualties such as air bubbles, texture, color, and contents (such as trash) vary in the pictured concrete.

It was important to emphasize these aspects and bring to light how they make for a more interesting piece.


These inconsistencies came about due to the process in which the concrete is mixed and poured. Within the process, organic imperfections can not only be welcomed, but also appreciated.